Winning trainer avenges different cup defeat over Ryan Hall

Winning trainer avenges different cup defeat over Ryan Hall

Randy White’s career is over.

Ryan Hall’s career is over. And there’s good news for fans of the veteran who took both of these losses at the hands of Ryan Seacrest.

Hall beat former champ and Hall of Fame coach John McNichols for a second time at the TD Garden on Sunday in a four-round, all-important bout that will end any debate that Ryan Seacrest won the bout and took out his former nemesis for the vacant Bellator lightweight title on Friday night.

«This was great for everyone and I’m just overjoyed to finally get this done,» Hall said on ESPN Radio on Sunday morning.

«I had two big (knockouts) coming up (against Seacrest), whichapronx is just as bad as two big kicks (against Ryan Seacrest). I came in here with a huge win over my last two opponents, so I knew my guy would come out and fight for me, but it’s just the first meeting and I think everything was 바카라사이트all on point, and I’m just really grateful for everything that everyone’s done to make this happen and I feel very comfortable now that I got this done. So to just sit there and watch my last fight, all I can do is just enjoy the moment. I just looked up to Ryan, I loved him as a teammate. He’s a real tough guy.

«We were both on the same더킹카지노 page last time and it just showed on the fight, and obviously in the ring he looked big enough, he did good.»

Sexton had won five straight bouts and his biggest defeat was the only loss in the former champ’s three Bellator appearances since he returned to mixed martial arts in 2014 as a «World Champions 2» fighter. Hall had won three of his four bouts with Seacrest.

Hall said he wants to be able to celebrate what he’s done for Bellator and that’s something all fighters must do to get over the sadness of it all and to start fresh.

«I’ve got this opportunity to do what I set out to do. You never want to be the last one out there, but when you do, you have to just make it through,» he said. «You feel the pressure, but you don’t ever want to give up because you’re going to get back, so I just have to stay positive and get through this. I feel very happy that I did something fo

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