Feathers fly as baiada poultry faces acccording to Indian police

Feathers fly as baiada poultry faces acccording to Indian police.

This is the first time that India’s largest chicken processing plant has been blamed for the death of a young worker at a huge poultry plant in Mumbai. The victim, who was a member of Baoa Baoan, a community group known as the Baoa Baoan Foundation, worked for six hours and had to be carried out of the factory after he fell from the pulps.

«We have been investigating this incident, and the company has assured us that they will bring in professional staff in the future,» said Subash Nandita, chairman of the foundation’s workers’ strike, adding that some of the labourers in the factory had fallen ill during the working day and they didn’t want the workers to s바카라pend so much time dying.

«We hope the company will take appropriate steps and ensure proper medical care of the workers. We are in touch with the local authorities to conduct an enquiry,» said Nandita, a member of the union.

Local of바카라사이트ficials said the incident is the latest in a series of deaths and injuries at the Baoa Baoan factor바카라y since 2001, which accounts for an enormous share of deaths and injuries reported in Maharashtra and Gujarat in recent months.

The factory employs around 1,000 workers, mostly migrant workers who have been coming from northern Indian cities including Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad in the past five years. Workers come from all over India including from Maharashtra and Gujarat, to work at the plant, which has offices in Pune and Ghatkopar.

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