N korea rejects unrealistic us offer

N korea rejects unrealistic us offer

3) On 28th April 2017 at 16:15, Nuketown Mail Online wrote:

@JLN if u get an explanation by 16th then we should talk about it u want to be heard — mr brian (@ladybrian) April 29, 2017

@JLN what do u mean by that?

what is ur actual position on nuketown?

i see no argument with you not being able to move on in japan to visit friends so its fair that you should get your money back but im happy to talk to u or discuss this and the situation with u

i think that there are some very common and legitimate problems with the way that we pay for our membership and that we are not really addressing the issue properly on the website.

@JLN i can’t understand how you can give us 우리카지노a reasonable offer if we have a completely different policy for our business. why dont u just provide some details instead?

@JLN what is ur business, you want us to move to a new region?? that is not really your business

@JLN this was my original response. now im not sure that i am clear with myself, it is all too confusing for me to try to address the issues properly and even more so for u since u said u will talk to me if we want to. how am i supposed to address the issues correctly and to keep myself from getting angry

japan is not the only country we visit. we have spent a lot of time in the UK too. I am sure that you have heard of our business here and that i will probably never visit nuketown again because of the constant demands for money i get from overseas. But in the meantime, i would like to say that i am not angry at japan at all. i am angry카지노 사이트 at all those who try to bully us for money without a justification.

@JLN we have always been very generous to those who wanted to come but our paymen우리카지노t system is not compatible with it. this needs a complete overhaul and i want to understand how this could be solved and if this will have the effect of making nuketown obsolete.

@JLN there is no problem to anyone else here since we have paid for most of all our tickets, the only problem we have faced is with a certain particular website that had to be taken down because it was not compatible with nu

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